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To Whom It May Concern:

On August 26-27, we had Steve Walden (a.k.a. Waldo) as our featured guest for our Fall Kick-off.  Everyone who attended was thoroughly impressed with Waldo's ability to communicate effectively the Word of God to all ages.  His humor, wit, and actions hit home with great applications.  All of us were challenged to make a change in our life because of God's work through Waldo.

To me, the best thing that happened that weekend was a renewed vigor for creatively teaching God's Word.  You see, Steve led a seminar for our adults on how to be creative in teaching God's Word.  His ideas were so practical and so easy that even the least creative person could be creative with the steps Steve showed.  My teachers are now excited about teaching God's Word, and the best part is that the children are remembering Biblical concepts because of their creativity.  Anyone who sees Waldo needs to hear Steve talk about creativity!

I would recommend Steve and Waldo to any church of any size.  If he made such a big impact on a small church like ours, he can make a great impact on any church.


Brian C. Brooks

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