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To Whom It May Concern:

I am the Youth Minister at Dry Run Church of Christ.  Dry Run is a reasonably conservative church.  The church would never have anyone who works with "magic" perform for the youth.  As a matter of fact, there was some controversy about Waldo the Clown prior to his performance.  However, Waldo did an extraordinary job.

I was really impressed by how Waldo handles his "magic tricks".   He never let on that he had any special powers.  He explained to the youth that magic was just tricks.  Anyone could do the tricks if they practiced.   Waldo went on to say that God is the only one capable of magic.  God is the one who has the power - not Waldo.

Waldo the Clown is a very talented teacher.  He was able to hold the attention of over 50 youth whose grades were from preschool to high school.  Waldo was even able to reach through his message many adults.  Waldo the Clown has a very unique way of teaching.  He entertains while he teaches.  This is something that is necessary in order to reach youth.

I would highly recommend Waldo the Clown for youth meetings or kick-offs.   Not only will you be touched by what is said, but so will your youth.  There is a lot we could learn from a clown - especially one who cares a great deal about our Lord and Savior.


Andrew Dawes

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