October 5, 2007

To Whom It may Concern:

Iím not quite sure how he did it, but somehow Prof. Steve managed to entertain about 300 kindergarten through fifth grade students for three 45 minute presentations that were educational.  I'd even go so far as to say that enthralled might be a better word than entertained.  Steve had their complete attention & made learning science fun.  He understands what kids like, how they think, & how they learn.  He amuses them, catches their interest, & teaches them lessons before they even realize it.  The best part is that students come away from the program not only with more scientific knowledge, but also with the desire to continue to learn even more.  Several teachers mentioned that their students actually clapped when told to get out their science books after Prof. Steveís visit to our school.  I believe that we will be reaping the benefits of Steveís visit for a long time to come.  I highly recommend Steve's programs to any school looking for a way to boost student interest in & love of science.

Mary Clark
Title 1 Teacher
Washington-Monroe School
Lincoln, IL 62656

Ph. 217-732-4764

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