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          If you are a youth minister or youth worker you are probably keeping a close eye on the purse strings.  You want a lot of bang for the buck.  You want a balance of entertainment and spiritual content.   You want a Bible lesson that will keep the kids on the edge of their seats.
          Hard to find these days?   Nope!
          Steve Walden, a.k.a. Waldo the Clown, can deliver.  He's a great entertainer, story teller, magician, balloon animal maker, jokester, preacher, and clown.  And he can do it all in budget that will fit your needs.
          I was amazed as he kept young children, teenagers, and even adults listening intently as he related Biblical truths through the tricks of trade used by a clown.  He made our youth kick-off into a night to remember.
          Oh, I have seen other clowns and magicians but truly Waldo is a professional.  And now...if you want to...and only if you want may applaud!
          Our staff and education committee highly recommend him and plan to have him back real soon.

                                                                        Loren Lung
                                                                     Youth Minister

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