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You say you want a school or library program that teaches character education, values & the love of books in a memorable way?  You say you want an event that is both fun & educational?  You say you like clowns?  You are in luck, my friend!  A Waldo the Clown show is filled with action, color, excitement, teaching, audience participation & fun.  You will witness incredible demonstrations of juggling, balloon sculpturing, magic effects & amazing feats of clowning skill, all used to illustrate & clarify the important points of the program.   Topics such as self-esteem, friendship, respect of others & the importance of books (to name just a few) are visualized, making them exciting & new.  Waldo the Clown will entertain you, mystify you & make you laugh.  He will also effectively teach you & your group like you have never seen done before.



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The wonders of science presented in a visual & fun way, making them easier to understand.

All the fun & interaction of Waldo, wrapped up in a lab coat & a cool science tee-shirt.

Amazing demonstrations covering all aspects of science.

Great for both children & adults.


Looking for a program or activity that is not only fun, but is also extremely high in content?  Professor Steve & his amazing programs are the answer.  Lots of interaction, solid scientific data, comedy & some really cool demonstrations ensure that your group will have a great learning all about science.  You will never hear anyone say that science is boring once they have spent time with the Professor. 

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Steve Walden (a.k.a. Waldo / Professor Steve) has worked with youth & teachers for over 25 years.  He is a 1981 graduate of Lincoln Christian College (Lincoln, Illinois), & served as youth & education minister at two different churches in Indiana before going into Waldo & Professor Steve full-time in 1989.   He combines what he learned from college & his youth ministries with the extensive training he has received in the areas of circus & clowning from Ringling Brothers instructors & other performers, not to mention the years of time spent in front of the television watching Mr. Wizard, Beakman's World & Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Steve is an experienced performer, comfortable with working in front of groups of all sizes, & an experienced communicator, capable of reaching kids & adults of all ages.  He is ready to bring that experience to your group today through Waldo the Clown, Professor Steve & Steve Walden.

Professor Steve's Amazing World of Science
1405 Brooke Dr.;  Lebanon, Indiana  46052
(765) 482-0875  waldotheclown@hotmail.com