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To whom It May Concern,

I would like to highly recommend Steve Walden, Waldo the Clown.

Waldo's performance was the main attraction at our recent Fall Kick-Off.   He performed for an audience of all ages and was received well by everyone.   Having never seen Waldo before, I was not sure what to expect.  After seeing Waldo's program, I was very pleased.  I also received very positive responses from my staff and church members alike.

His presentation was done very professionally and carried a strong biblical message.  The clown format seems to be a very effective tool for teaching biblical truths, especially for little ones.

In addition, I was very impressed by Steve's evident organization in booking the date, staying in touch, and promotional materials.

If you are looking for a special event for youth or adults that will be entertaining while pointing your audience to God and His Word, "Waldo the Clown" is for YOU!

Because of Him,

Tom Caraway
Youth Minister

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