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During the past ten years my three youth ministries have had a few things in common: basically: Teaching, Preaching and Reaching.  Waldo the Clown is able to minister within all three of these areas in his Gospel-oriented programs.  That is why I have had him four different times over the past eight years and hope to have him participate again and again and again!!!

The one thing you can be sure of when Waldo is performing is that God's Word will be presented and the kids and adults will enjoy the lesson.  His mixture of "clowning skills" (juggling, balloon sculptures, etc.) and magic tricks help the crowd see the message.

Waldo does not just act like a clown that happens to be a Christian . . . He is a professional (very much so) clown that thankfully can (and does) share his talents within God's Kingdom.  The "common-thread" that runs throughout his programs has always fit the theme that I have requested.  The program is truly tailor-made to your desire or situation.  His magic (He does a great job of explaining that these are just tricks/fun) and clowning skills are definitely not a "canned program" that he fits around your lesson-aim . . . His performance is "Your Program".  If you have not experienced Waldo with your group I would encourage you to give him a call.  His Ministry is truly special.

Oh yes, just a word of warning: If you have Waldo scheduled make sure and be ready for his arrival about two hours in advance.  Waldo is serious about his business/ministry and two hours is the time he needs to set up and apply his makeup.   Waldo the Clown is indeed a Professional Clown that provides his audience with the finest in Christian programming.

Sincerely For Christ,

Patrick J. Smith
Youth Minister

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1405 Brooke Dr.;  Lebanon, Indiana  46052