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Dear Waldo:

To those who may be interested let me encourage you to find an opportunity to use the ministry of Waldo the Clown.  Waldo presents a message about Jesus that is both fun and heart warming.  With his crazy assortment of props Waldo makes the audience laugh and have fun while they are learning some very valuable lessons.

Waldo appeals to all age groups as well.  Our assembly included children, teens and adults of all ages.  Everyone was equally entertained and encouraged by Waldo's presentation.

And lest you wonder if Waldo is just an entertainer and not a minister let me ease your concerns.  Waldo talked about friendship for us.  The next day a mom called to tell me about her daughter and her best friend.  It seems they had quite a spat the afternoon before Waldo's program.  The mom noticed how the girls weren't sitting together at the beginning, but as Waldo continued talking about the characteristics if being a friend it wasn't long before the two were right next to each other again.

Let me encourage you to let Waldo minister for you.  It will be fun and it will be encouraging.

Brian Jenkins

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