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To Whom It May Concern:

As the children's director of our church I was very pleased to have Steve (Waldo) Walden as part of our Sunday evening children's activities.  He did a fabulous job of weaving the Gospel message into Waldo's crazy antics.  Through humor, balloons, juggling and illusions he drove home the importance of reading and doing God's Word in a way to which the adults, the very young children, and the older, 'wiser,' more skeptical boys could relate.  He did a great job of interacting with the kids, getting them to participate with excitement.  One little girl was so impressed by what Waldo said about the Bible that when she and her mother were going through their bedtime routine later that night she stopped everything and said,"Oh, I've got to read my Bible before I go to bed!"  Her mom certainly didn't argue about that one!  I would recommend Waldo for any children's activity where a clown would be appropriate.  He is extremely professional, easy to work with and what he does is for God's glory, not his own.

Children's laughter is a precious thing.  I'm thankful for Waldo who can make them laugh.


Chris Smith

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