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Helping Teachers to be More Effective
while Having More Fun!
Helping kids to have More Fun while Learning!

           Steve Walden (a.k.a. Waldo/Professor Steve) is available to lead your youth coaches, Sunday School teachers, Bible study leaders, adults, public school students, library readers & Scouts (to name just a few) through a variety of workshops.  Each workshop is designed to teach specific skills, present ideas that can be used immediately, & equip your people so they can come up with their own applications.  Topics are varied, but each workshop is designed to teach creative thought & actions (from ways of sharing God's Word with others to new ways of having fun & being expressive).  Workshops are a great way of motivating & strengthening your adult leaders, & a great way of building self-esteem & interaction among your youth.

Workshops Include the Following Topics:

Little DotUsing Object Lessons to Teach the Word

Little DotCreative Bible Teaching Methods

Little DotHow to Use Curriculum Properly

Little DotResources Available for Teachers

Little DotBe a Clown!

Little DotAdvanced Clowning

Little DotDrama Techniques & Skit Writing

Little DotGospel Magic

Little DotBalloon Sculpturing

Little DotJuggling

Little DotWowing Your Group With Science

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Professor Steve's Amazing World of Science
1405 Brooke Dr.;  Lebanon, Indiana  46052
(765) 482-0875  waldotheclown@hotmail.com