Waldo's Which Came First Quiz

You've probably heard the question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  Well, I'm not sure about the answer to that one, but here are some other "Which came firsts" that I am sure of.  Can you guess "which came first" in each case?

Which came first . . .

The first night baseball game or the first night football game?Baseball and Football Graphic.gif (2212 bytes)

Golf Tee and Pin Graphic.gif (3259 bytes)The golf tee or the safety pin?

Chop suey or potato chips?Food and Chips Graphic.gif (4712 bytes)

Vollyball and Basketball Graphic.gif (5528 bytes)Volleyball or basketball?

Printed Christmas cards or the long-distance phone call?Card and Phone Call Graphic.gif (6477 bytes)

Hat and Ear Muffs Graphic.gif (4359 bytes)The derby hat or earmuffs?

The ball-point pen or the pencil with attached eraser?Pen and Pencil Graphic.gif (1547 bytes)

Comix and Cola Graphic.gif (4959 bytes)Comic books or bottle caps with cork liners?

The 5 cent piece (nickel) or the parking meter?Nickel and Meter Graphic.gif (2783 bytes)

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