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Celebrate the bicentennial of Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein with Professor Steve's new show:

The Science of Frankenstein

Born of a nightmare fueled by an evening of ghost stories, stormy weather & flickering candlelight, Frankenstein has provided 200 years of both mental & visual horrors.  It is considered to be the first science fiction novel.  It was one of the first horror movies ever made.  And, it was written by a teenage girl.

Professor Steve Feankenstein

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Listen as Professor Steve tells the horrific story of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

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Marvel at the stories of scientists that influenced Mary Shelley, including details about the real "Dr. Frankenstein".

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Witness the wonder of Frankenstein as Professor Steve demonstrates many of the concepts found in both the book & the movies, including light, anatomy & electricity.

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Stare in amazement as Professor Steve unleashes the electrical power contained in Frankenstein's laboratory with his Jacob's Ladder (17,000 volts), his Wimshurst Static Generator (75,000 volts) & his amazing Tesla Coil (capable of generating almost 750,000 volts of raw electricity).

Fun, interactive, educational & great for all ages!

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