The Tesla Death Ray Game

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was an amazing man.  He has been considered by many to be the "man who invented the twentieth century".  Tesla is responsible for many things that we use every day, such as electricity, radio & fluorescent lights.  It is said that he was also responsible for things strange & unusual.  

Tesla claimed to have invented a Death Ray, able to destroy airplanes & objects from far away.  Although we never got to see it in action (and the plans mysteriously disappeared soon after his death), you now get the chance to put the Death Ray into action.

Tesla Death Ray Game

You can click on the link below & choose Run if you want to just play the game, or choose Download if you want to save the game to your computer.

Click here to download the Tesla Death Ray Game.

After you have had your destructive fun, click on the following picture of Nikola Tesla to discover some of his many inventions.

Nikola Tesla


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