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Below you will find the recipes & addresses you need to recreate your favorite experiments from the Fantastic Reactions Show.  If you still have questions, email me at waldotheclown@hotmail.com. Thanks for visiting!

Apple Juice to Grape Juice to Water
You Need: Water, Iodine, Clear Pitcher Liquid Starch & Vitamin C Tablets.
What to Do: Put some iodine in a pitcher of water. Don't add too much--just enough to give the water a golden, apple-juicy look. Don't drink it (Remember, it is poisonous). Secretly put some liquid starch in your hand. When you are ready, put that hand into the pitcher & swish it around. Iodine is an indicator & will turn purple when it detects starch. When you want to turn the water clear, put your other hand in the pitcher, secretly holding a vitamin C tablet. Scrape it with your fingernail while swishing your hand around. Keep it up until the water changes to clear. Then remove your hand, remembering not to let anyone see the Vitamin C tablet still in your hand.

Homemade Lava Lamp
You Need: Container, Water, Food Coloring, Vegetable Oil & Alka Seltzer tablets.
What to Do: Take your clear container & put about an inch of water in it. Color the water with 4-5 drops of food coloring. Add the Vegetable oil to the container (don't overfill--leave about an inch at the top). Because the water is denser than the oil, they will stay separated. Add an Alka Seltzer table & watch it bubble.  Groovy!

Vinegar & Baking Soda Reaction
You Need: Vinegar, Baking Soda & a Container.
What to Do: Nothing difficult. Just put a scoop or two of Baking Soda into a container. Pour some Vinegar in. Watch in amazement as it erupts in an amazing show of fizz.

Professor Steve Putty
You need: Water, Borax, Elmers Glue, Food Coloring, Measuring Spoons & Stirring Sticks.
What to Do: To make the activator, make a saturated solution of Borax & water.  I added 2 tablespoons of Borax to my small cup of water, stirred it & set it aside.  Next, measure out 2 tablespoons of Elmers Glue & put it in a cup.  Add 2 tablespoons of regular water & 2 drops of Food Coloring, then stir.  Add just enough Borax water to the glue mix--I added one Tablespoon plus one Teaspoon.  Stir.  You should now have a cup of Gooey Putty.  Pull it off the mixing stick, put it in your hand & begin kneeding it.  Flatten it out, fold it over, press it out & repeat (about 10 times).  You have made your own wiggly, bouncing putty!

Polymer Worms
You need: Insta-Worms Kit
What to Do: For this amazing experiment, you will need to get an "Insta-Worms Kit" from Steve Spangler Science.  It is a great company, filled with many experiments you can do at home.  Go to stevespanglerscience.com & do a search for "insta worms".  There are many kits available, starting at $9.99.  Once you get your kit, follow the instructions & have fun.

Cabbage Juice Colors
You need: Purple Cabbage Juice Indicator & Things to Test.
What to Do: Remember the great demonstration where Professor Steve poured the purple liquid into the five cups, each containing a little clear liquid, & produced five different colors?  You can do it yourself.  Get a purple or red cabbage, chop it into smaller pieces, put it in a blender, add water, put the cover on & pulse it several times.  Pour out the liquid into a strainer to remove the cabbage chunks & save the resulting liquid.  That is your indicator.  Add it to small amounts of different liquids--the resulting color will tell you how acidic or how alkaline it is.  You can test anything.  In the show, I used Vinegar, Distilled Water, Ammonia, Bleach & a
Lye Solution

You can also get Cabbage Juice Indicator in a powder form (no cutting & blending, just mixing powder in water).  Go to stevespanglerscience.com & do a search for "Red cabbage Indicator".

Thank you for taking the time to come & see me.  Hope to see you again soon!

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