Pricing Policies

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For Churches

One of my goals has always been to provide a ministry that is affordable for every church & group, no matter their size.  To accomplish this, my pricing for programs & workshops is always based upon the average attendance of the congregation.   The bigger you are, the more I ask--the smaller you are, the less I ask.  This pricing policy, plus lots of flexibility on my side (taking each situation on an individual basis), makes both Waldo the Clown & Professor Steve something that every church can utilize.

For Schools & Libraries

For public schools, I charge $350.00 for one program, or $600.00 for two programs (same program repeated).  This allows us to break larger schools up into smaller groups, making the programs more effective & more age-appropriate for each group.  For libraries, I charge $275.00 for a program or workshop, & for daycare centers, $250.00.    Add the fact that I am flexible with every group & know what it is like to work within a budget, Waldo & Professor Steve is always affordable.

For Camps, Clowning Groups, & Other Assorted Places

Church groups are priced according to their attendance.  School groups are priced per convocation or workshop.  But what about camps where there is no "average attendance" to go by, or clowning groups that are not funded by a church or a part of a school?  No problem!  I will work with your situation, funds, & needs to come up with a price that works for everyone.  I will bend over backwards to help you get Waldo or Professor Steve to your group.

Additional Costs

In addition to the cost of the programs or workshops, there is also a mileage or travel expense.  For programs within driving distance, I charge .30 per mile round trip.  For programs where air travel is involved, you would pay the costs to fly me in (usually very affordable, even for small groups).  Also, everyone is responsible for any housing costs, should that need arise.

Stuff You Don't Have to Pay For

Now for the free stuff.  I provide you with some beautiful promotional materials.   Posters, clip art, activity pages, & pictures are yours to use to help generate excitement about Waldo's or Professor Steve's time with you.  For workshops, I provide any supplies needed.   I also carry a complete sound system with me, so regardless of where you put me, everyone will be able to hear (even people in the cheap seats).

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