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The Shaving Cream Experience
Love Never Runs Out!

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Lesson Aim:
To teach that love never runs out, no matter how much of it you give away.

Appropriate Scriptures:
Any verses that deal with love, especially our love to others, such as:
John 13:34-35
John 15:12-13
Mark 12:30-31
Matthew 25:34-40
I John 4:7-12

Supplies You Will Need:
(1) A can of shaving cream
(2) A glass about the same size as the can of shaving cream
(3) A plate to put under the glass
(4) A table to put everything on

Advance Set-Up:
Check the table top & floor where you are going to be presenting this object lesson.  It can get a little messy, so make sure that the table top & floor will not be harmed, should a little bit of stray cream come their way.  Cover one or both, if necessary, with something nice looking (you don't want to be too obvious that you are expecting mess).

What You Are Going to Do:
Standing in front of your group, you are going to talk about how great this new shaving cream is that you found.  To show how creamy & fluffy it is, you decide to empty the can in front of them (you can't learn about cream that you can't see).   To prevent mess, you will put the contents of the can into the glass.  This plan should work fine, because the glass is the same size as the can & so should hold it all.  So as you talk about how great the shaving cream is, you will proceed to empty the can into the glass, catching all of the contents.

What You Are Going to Say:
Shaving cream.  It's a wonderful thing.  So fluffy & creamy.   Shaving cream makes getting up in the morning & scraping the hairs growing out of your face an enjoyable experience.  But not all shaving creams are the same.   Today you want to share with your group the brand you use.  Hold up the can.   This is the good stuff.  Show your group what you are talking about.   Take out the glass (the same size as the can).  To show how fluffy & creamy your shaving cream is, you will empty the contents into the glass.  The can & the glass are the same size--the glass should hold all of the cream.  Put the glass on the plate & begin filling it up.  Since the glass is the proper size, you don't need to keep an eye on it.  As you fill the glass, don't look down.   Let the shaving cream fill & overflow the glass.  When you finish emptying the can, look down & react with surprise.  The cream just kept coming.  All of that cream from a small container.  Why, that reminds you of the other thing you wanted to talk about:  love.

Key Ideas You Want to Get Across:

Love is like shaving cream.  If it stays inside of us, it can't do its job.  It needs to be set free.  When we let love flow outward to others, it will grow & expand.  And God makes sure that our supply of love never runs out.


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