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Lucky Charms
Who Do You Trust?

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Lesson Aim:
To teach that our trust should be in God, not in trinkets & charms.

Appropriate Scriptures:
Any verses that deal with our faith in God or God's dependability toward us, such as:
I Chronicles 28:20
Proverbs 3:5
Isaiah 41:10, 13, 14

Supplies You Will Need:
(1) A variety of "lucky charms", such as
* a 4-leaf clover (real or man-made)
* a rabbits foot
* a horseshoe
* an Aladdin-style brass lamp
* a crystal on a necklace
(2) A box of Lucky Charms cereal, empty

Advance Set-Up:
Take the charms you were able to find & put them in the empty cereal box.

What You Are Going to Do:
Standing in front of your group, you are going to bring out the box & produce the different items from the box as you talk about each one.

What You Are Going to Say:
As you bring out the box, talk about how much you like cereal, especially Lucky Charms.  Open the box, look inside & act surprised as you tell your group that there is no cereal.  There are, however, some other "lucky charms".   Bring out each item & talk a little about it (4-leaf clover = hard to find - said to bring the one who finds it good luck.  Rabbit's foot = unlucky for the rabbit, but carried by many people for good luck.  Horseshoe = said to bring good luck to a household if it is mounted outside over the doorway - always to be positioned in the "U" shape so that the luck doesn't spill out.  Aladdin-style lamp = said to bring the one who rubs it 3 wishes.  Crystal = believed by many New-Agers to provide healing, health & happiness to the one wearing it).  After talking about the different "charms", ask your group if any of the items are really lucky.   Hopefully you will get mainly No's.  Of course they aren't lucky.  They are just things.  The only thing out there worth putting our faith in is God.   Him you can believe in.

Key Ideas You Want to Get Across:

There are people everywhere who believe in "lucky charms".  Putting faith in anything or anyone besides God will result in disappointment because (1) charms don't work & (2) we will not be focused on the One who is Truth.  God is not "lucky".  God is not a "charm".  But He is all we need to carry with us each day to be truly happy.


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