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The Jelly Bean Gospel

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Lesson Aim:
To teach the story of Easter through the colors of jelly beans.

Appropriate Scriptures:
No specific verses, since the idea is to cover the entire story.   You can, however, draw from the Easter story found in each of the 4 Gospel records.   Also, you can refer to Acts 2:22-36 & John 3:16-17.

Supplies You Will Need:
(1) Enough jelly beans for the entire group
(2) Netting to hold each bundle of beans
(3) Ribbon or yarn to tie each bundle

Advance Set-Up:
Separate the jelly beans by color.  Make piles consisting of one bean of each color.  Take each pile & bundle it in a square of netting, tying the corners together with a piece of ribbon or yarn.  Attach the "jelly bean gospel" to each bag if desired.

Jelly Bean Colors & Meanings:
In my search for jelly beans, I was able to find 8 colors.  If you cannot find all 8 colors, or if you desire to use a smaller number, no problem.  Just change the story around to fit the colors you are using.  Colors & their meanings are as follows:
White = purity, Godliness
Black = sin, evil
Red = Jesus, blood
Yellow = sunshine
Green = life
Purple = royalty
Pink = happiness ("in the pink")
Orange = (see the story for a horrible pun.  Sorry)

Jelly Bean Gospel:
In the beginning was God (white jelly bean).  God created everything, including Adam & Eve.  Adam & Eve disobeyed God, & brought sin into the world (black jelly bean).  Sin separates & keeps us away from God.  But God loves us so much that He wanted us back.  He sent Jesus to live & die for us (red jelly bean).  Jesus was crucified, buried in a tomb, & everyone thought that was the end of the story.  But on Easter Sunday morning (yellow jelly bean), Jesus rose from the dead.  He was alive again (green jelly bean)!  Jesus died for us so that we could have our sins forgiven & be a part of God's family (purple jelly bean).   We can be happy (pink jelly bean) because of what Jesus did for us.   "Orange" you glad that Jesus loves you!

What You Are Going to Do:

Tell the Jelly Bean Gospel to your group, holding up the appropriate bean when you get to it.  You can also make a drawing of each color bean to hold up if your group is large.  Finish by giving a bundle of beans to each person as a take-home reminder of the story you have told.  Encourage everyone to learn the story & tell it to someone else.


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