Waldo & Professor Steve

The Amazing Burger Lesson
It's What's Inside That Counts!

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Lesson Aim:
To teach that looks can be deceiving.  We should always look "below the surface" for the real truth. 

Appropriate Scriptures:
Any verses that deal with not being fooled by outward appearances, such as:
Matthew 7:15-23
Luke 11:39-41
Romans 16:17-18
2 Corinthians 11:12-15
Isaiah 29:13

Supplies You Will Need:
(1) A burger-joint bag
(2) Two identical hamburgers with wrappers or boxes
(3) A handful of worms (fake or real)

Advance Set-Up:
Buy a bag of 2 hamburgers.  Carefully unwrap one of them, protecting its' wrapper or box.  Eat the meat patty (or feed it to your pet).  Replace the meat with the worms.  Put the bun back together & carefully rewrap or rebox the burger.  Set it aside.
Carefully unwrap the other burger & lovingly put it aside.  Step on & dirty up the wrapper or box (don't tear or mutilate it - just make it look nasty).  Rewrap or rebox the burger.  Place both burgers back into the bag.  Keep Mr. Salmonella away by refrigerating the bag until closer to your talk (note:  worms actually need no refrigeration).

What You Are Going to Do:
Standing in front of your group, you are going to bring out your bag of burgers &, using audience feedback, are going to decide which one to eat.

What You Are Going to Say:
You love hamburgers!  You could eat them every day!  You love them so much that you couldn't wait for services to end--you went out & bought some.   Bring out your latest burger purchase in front of your group.  What's this?   You have a problem.  You bought two burgers, & you are only going to be able to eat one of them (watching your weight & all).  But which one?  Tell your group you need help in deciding.  Bring out the first burger with a look of disgust.  Did someone step on it?  It looks horrible!  Bring out the other burger.  Now this is more like it.  Looks great!  Play up the difference in the way the two burgers look, & ask your group which one they would eat.  Lead them in choosing the good-looking one.  Happily & hungrily unwrap the burger.   Get ready to take a big bite when . . . what's this?  Show them the "meat".  Play up your disgust big-time.  Unwrap the "dirty" burger no one chose & show everyone that, inside where it counts, is one great looking sandwich.  Take a big bite.

Key Ideas You Want to Get Across:

  You can't always trust what you see on the outside.  Some people are out to fool you.  Be careful!  Weigh everything people say, do & teach with what God's Word says.  Don't be fooled by a "clean wrapper".


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