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(Updated February 2011)

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How to Order

It is so easy to order from Waldo's Clown Supplies!  Just click on the "Add to Cart" button directly under the item you want.  That will open up a new window complete with order form.  You can change amounts or delete items there.   The "Continue Shopping" button will bring you back to this page.  When your order is complete, click on the "Check Out" button.  That will send me a copy of your order.

I use Paypal on this site. I have never had problems with them, they are trustworthy, & they will allow you to pay for your order immediately with most credit cards.   However, if you would rather pay with check or money order, just send me an email or call me with your order.  I will begin filling it right away.

Shipping is always $4.95, regardless of the size of your order.

Thank you for your continuing support!   Contact me if you have any questions, comments or problems with your order.

Clown Makeup

Stein's Soft Liners - .37 oz. pods - $3.95

soft liners.jpg (5224 bytes)

                                                    Choose Color

Mehron Color Cups - .5 oz. pods - $3.95

                                                    Choose Color

Stein's Lining Color Sticks - .37 oz. tubes - $3.25

lining color stick.jpg (3035 bytes)

                                                    Choose Color

Makeup Pencils - 3.5 in. - $1.00

                                                    Choose Color

Makeup Pencils - 7 in. - $1.50

                                                    Choose Color

Makeup Pencil Sharpener - $1.25

Zauders (Stein's) Glitter Cream Gel - .50 oz. tubes - $2.75

A clear gel mixed with shining glitter.  Covers quickly & easily.


glitter gel.jpg (10370 bytes)

                                                    Choose Color

Clown Noses

Red Sponge Clown Noses - $1.00

sponge clown nose.jpg (3886 bytes)

                                                    Choose Size


White Cotton Gloves - $3.95

                                                    Choose Size

Costume Accessories

Pom-Poms - 4 in. yarn - $3.00

                                                    Choose Color

Giant Buttons - 2 in. plastic - $2.50

buttons.jpg (3740 bytes)

                                                    Choose Color

Painter's Caps - $2.50

painters cap.jpg (3900 bytes)

White cotton caps with elastic back - One size fits all - great for painting & decorating.

Giant Sunglasses - $2.00

giant sunglasses.jpg (7047 bytes)

11 inch wide - bright colored plastic frames - make you look cool!

Clown Noise & Music Makers

Squeakers - $1.00

                                                    Choose Size

Kazoos - $1.00

kazoos.jpg (7360 bytes)

Heavyweight plastic - bright colors.

The Original American Metal Kazoo - $2.75

Original American Kazoo.jpg (16697 bytes)

Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken - $7.50

rubber chicken.jpg (8612 bytes)

Great looking 22 inch symbol of everything funny - makes a great traveling companion.

Face Painting Supplies

Palmer's Face Paints - $5.00

Palmer's face paints.jpg (10877 bytes)

They're bright!  They're shiny!  They look & feel like poster paints, but are designed & tested for use on the face.  Wash off with soap & water.  Set contains 12 color pods (total wt. 2.25 ounces)

Juggling Stuff

Lacrosse Balls - $3.00 each

Still one of the best balls out there for the juggler.
2.5 inch solid rubber - high bounce - bold colors

                                                    Choose Color

Juggling Balls - set of 3 - $6.00

high bounce juggling balls.jpg (4348 bytes)

2.4 inch solid rubber - high bounce - bright colors

Juggling Balls - set of 3 - $6.00

Juggling Handballs.jpg (4378 bytes)

2.25 inch solid rubber - handball style - matte colors

Juggling Balls - set of 3 - $3.60

juggling kickballs.jpg (5939 bytes)

2.25 inch kickball style - vinyl covered - no bounce

Juggling Balls - Set of 3 - $9.00

large juggling balls.jpg (5893 bytes)

2.75 inch - vinyl covered - no bounce - really nice!

Juggling Scarves - Set of 3 - $8.00

juggling scarves.jpg (4131 bytes)

18 inch - bright colors - hemmed & ready to float

Juggling Clubs - Set of 3 - $6.00

Junior Clubs - hollow plastic - 16 in. long - 3 different colors (one color per club)

Balloons & Pumps

Qualatex balloons are the only ones I use & the only ones I sell to others.  260's are the long pencil balloons used for twisting.  321's, or bee balloons, are used to make bees, hummingbirds & crazy apples.  Balloons are packaged as an assortment of about 10 different colors.   Single color packs are also available--send me an email for more info.

260's.jpg (9913 bytes)321's.jpg (2120 bytes)

Balloons - Bag of 100 - $7.50

                                                    Choose Type

Balloons - Bag of 50 - $4.50

                                                    Choose Type

Balloons - Bag of 25 - $2.50

                                                    Choose Type

Qualatex Balloon Pump - $5.00

red balloon pump.gif (7562 bytes)

Line-dinomite.gif (7082 bytes)

Professor Steve's Favorites

Rocket Balloons - $ .50

rocket balloons.jpg (7506 bytes)

Blow up this 3 foot monster & let it go!  It flies!  It dives!  It SCREAMS!  You'll have lots of fun with this one.

Flying Saucer Balloons - $ .50

flying saucer balloon.gif (13471 bytes)

The round balloon with a twist!  Inflate it, hold it even & release it.  Amazing spinning & whirrrrrrling action.

Whoopee Cushion - $1.00

Whoopee Cushion.jpg (32825 bytes)

It looks like a pillow.  It feels like a pillow.  Just be careful sitting on it.

Blow Pipe - $1.00

blow pipe.gif (8733 bytes)

You've seen Professor Steve use one of these in his air show.  Now you can have one of your very own!  Blow into the pipe & watch the ball float in the air.  Catch the ball in the basket when your breath gives out.

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