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Program Information

Both Waldo & Professor Steve have many programs from which to choose,
all well-structured & rich in content, allowing them to present
one that is best suited to your individual situation.

Your people will remember the message of God's Word long after the show is over
because they will be seeing it as well as hearing it.

Great for Church Services, Sunday School, Youth Groups, VBS, Children's Church, Upward Awards Banquets, Camp, Revivals, Rallies, Schools, Banquets, Teacher's Training, & Anytime you want God's Word to come through Loud & Clear.

Waldo the Clown Programs

 Waldo school group  

You say you want something that teaches God's Word in a memorable way?  You say you want a speaker that is both fun & educational?  You say you like clowns?  You are in luck, my friend!  A Waldo the Clown show is filled with action, color, excitement, teaching, audience participation & fun.  You will witness incredible demonstrations of juggling, balloon sculpturing, magic effects & clowning skill, all used to illustrate & clarify the important points of the program.  These are not "kid shows", but rather shows that both kids & adults will enjoy equally.  Waldo the Clown will entertain you, mystify you & make you laugh.  He will also effectively present God's Word to you & your people like you have never seen it done before.

Show Grid

All About the Bible

Bible With Sword.gif (2828 bytes)

The Bible is an amazing book!  In this program, Waldo shows just how amazing it is by teaching what it can do for us & why we need to be reading from it every day.

Real Love

dragon love.gif (48297 bytes)

Real love (the kind that lasts) has nothing to do with feelings.  It has everything to do with our actions toward others.  In this program, Waldo teaches what real love is all about & how to demonstrate it to others.

Jesus, Our Very Best Friend

Jesus best friend

Everybody wants friends.  But if we expect to keep our friends, we have certain jobs to do.  We learn what those jobs are by looking at the example of our best friend Jesus.  In this program, Waldo not only teaches about Jesus & how He treats us, but also how we should be treating other people.

Stuff Only Jesus Can Do

Jesus bridge

Jesus can do things for us that nobody else can do.  He can keep track of us all.  He always keeps His promises.  He can wipe away our sins.  How can He do all this?  It is because of what He did on the cross.  In this program, Waldo shows what Jesus' sacrifice means for us today.

Why Do We Need Jesus?

Jesus Name Above All

Why does the world need Jesus?  Why do we need Jesus in our lives?  Why do I need to tell others about Him?  The answer is the same for all three questions.  In this program, Waldo teaches three big reasons why the world, others & we need Jesus.

The Armor of God

sword.gif (10038 bytes)

We are in a war against the Devil.  As soldiers in this war, we need protection.  God provides the protection we need in the form of spiritual armor.  In this program, Waldo talks about this spiritual armor, its' effectiveness & what it can do for us as we battle with the forces of darkness.

God Believes In You!

plug into God

In the parables that Jesus told, He taught us many important things about God.  One of those things is that we are important to God.   In this program, Waldo uses three different but related parables to show how God, our biggest supporter, believes in us.

You Are Special!

Kids at the cross.gif (2774 bytes)

God, the Creator of everything, thinks we are special!  He is interested in us.  He wants us to be the best we can be.   He even sent His Son to die for us.  In this program, Waldo shows the great love that God has for every one of us.

Growing As a Christian

Bible growth walk

When a baby is born, the family rejoices!  The desired result is that the baby will hunger for nourishment, start with milk, then later meat & solid food.  Everyone expects the baby to grow & develop into an adult.  If these things don't happen, something is very wrong.  When a person becomes a Christian, God & the angels rejoice.  A new "spiritual baby" has been born into God's family.  The desired result is that the new Christian will hunger for the Word, begin with the basics, & then move into the more complex ideas the Bible has to offer.  Growth & development is expected--if not, something is very wrong.  In this program, Waldo looks at the signs that indicate growth.

Circus Day with Steve/Waldo the Clown

Run off & join the circus without ever leaving church or camp!  Steve Walden & Waldo are available for an entire day of clowning & circus education/workshops.  Allow your students to experience the circus with shows & hand-on instructions in areas such as clowning, juggling, tightrope walking, magic, showmanship, drama, etc.  Can also be extended to include multiple days.

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Professor Steve's Amazing World of Science

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Professor Steve school group

Professor Steve Programs

Science is amazing!  So is our God, who spoke into existence every scientific principle known to man "in the beginning".  Let Professor Steve excite your group with the most awesome demonstrations you have ever seen, & at the same time teach them how God fits into the world of science.  Experience science in a way that is not only educational, but extremely fun!  Lots of interaction, content, audience participation, comedy & some really great experiments ensure that your group will have a wonderful time learning all about science.  You will never hear anyone say that science is boring once thay have spent time with the Professor.

Show Grid

Professor Steve's Outta Sight Light Show

Laser Show

Light is amazing!  It is extremely fast (186,000 miles per second), it is made up of many colors (not the white that we see) & it allows us to see the wonderful world around us.  It is a good thing--the Bible always refers to light in a positive way.  Jesus calls us the "light of the world" (Matthew 5:14-16).  In fact, the Bible even says that "God is light" (I John 1:5).  And it is important to God: He spent two days working with it.  In this program, Professor Steve explores the world of light, rainbows, prisms & lasers, all combined with music, resulting in one truly awesome & exciting program.  Thirteen different lasers, five different lighting effects, fog machines & the dreaded disco ball.  Outta Sight!

Professor Steve's Unseen Forces Show

animal magnetism

When God created the earth, He didn't want everything to keep flying off of it (remember we are on a ball that is spinning at about 1040 miles per hour, & moving around the sun at about 18.5 miles per second).  He also didn't want things to keep exploding or even imploding.  In this program, Professor Steve deals with the unseen forces that control us & the world around us such as air pressure, gravity, inertia & centripetal force.  You have felt their power--now learn what they are all about.

Professor Steve's Wild Water & Fantastic Fire Show

fire water

Get ready for one of the hottest shows you have ever seen!  In this program, Professor Steve will examine & demonstrate the different properties of water, ice, steam & fire.  See the amazing power of snow!  Watch a real steam engine run!  Witness the explosive power of the "alcohol bottle".  Learn how to protect yourself from the effects of fire.  These & many other awesome experiments will be presented, so don't miss out.  Be there when Professor Steve shows you just how amazing water & fire can be.

Professor Steve's Crazy Kitchen Laboratory Show

electric pickle animation.gif (24750 bytes)

Looking for a science laboratory where you can conduct wildly amazing experiments?  Look no further than your kitchen.  In this program, Professor Steve teaches the science of air pressure, friction & electricity, using things that you find in the kitchen.  You will witness amazing things, including the power of Alka-Seltzer rockets & the awesomeness of FrankenPickle.  Bring your appetites (for knowledge) & feed your brain on what the Professor is serving up.

Professor Steve's High Voltage Electricity Show


Get ready to be dazzled with awesome demonstrations of electrical power! In this program, Professor Steve will teach you the basics of electricity with talk of circuits, volts, amps & watts, thrill you with stories of scientists such as Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla & Luigi Galvani (the original Dr. Frankenstein), & amaze you with demonstrations of electrical devices such as the Wimshurst Generator (5000 volts) & the Tesla Coil (750,000 volts). This is a program you will never forget!

Professor Steve's Science of the Circus Show

animated human cannonball.gif (15116 bytes)

Step right up, kids of all ages!  You've been to the circus, tasted the food, smelled the smells & witnessed the wonders of the tightrope walker, the trapeze artist, the clowns & the man shot from the cannon, to name just a few.   Now get ready to learn how science plays a part in the spectacle of the circus.   In this program, Professor Steve takes your group into the world of the big top & explains it all from a scientific standpoint.  You'll see it all!  Juggling!  Cotton Candy!  Tightrope walking!  And the dreaded stool of nails!

Professor Steve's Amazing Air Show


Air.  You can't see it, but you know it's there.  It keeps us alive.  It controls the weather.  It holds everything in this world together with its' power.  And it makes for some really cool toys!  In this program, Professor Steve teaches some of the scientific principals of air & air pressure.   Your group will have a great time learning about air, the creativity of God & the mysteries of the toys they play with every day.

Professor Steve's Science of Superman

Professor Steve's Optical Illusion Show

optical illusion

It has been said that “seeing is believing”.  Actually, that statement is incorrect.  Because of the way our eyes & brain are made & constructed, we can’t always trust our eyes.  The world is full of things that are not what they seem.  That is what this show is all about.  In this program, Professor Steve combines his favorite optical illusions with some of his favorite magic tricks.  The result is a very fun & interactive way of learning about how & why optical illusions work.  You will rub your eyes in disbelief as you witness an audience member getting a sword pushed through their head, Professor Steve's head inflating & deflating like a balloon & other seemingly impossible sights.  Seeing is not always believing!

Professor Steve's Fantastic Reactions Show

Professor Steve's SPOOKY SCIENCE Show
(science of halloween)

Halloween Science

A fun show with a spooky theme that works all year round (not just limited to Halloween).  In this program, Professor Steve's will demonstrate & teach your group amazing science, all wrapped around the world of skeletons, laboratories & monster movies.  Witness the high-tech way of launching toilet paper, not with your arm, but with a leaf blower.  Discover the principles of gravity as we drop candy filled trick-or-treat bags.  Learn the history of Frankenstein as we produce 750,000 volts of electricity from a Tesla Coil.  These & other amazing science experiments await.

When presented in a Christian setting, this program is a great way to learn about things we don't have to be scared of (like skeletons, blood & monsters), learn how special effects are done in movies (which again replaces fear with knowledge) & be reminded of God's presence in our lives when we are scared.  Great for all ages!

Professor Steve's Super Sweet Soda Pop Show

Mentos Fountain

We love our soda pop!  The average American drinks over 50 gallons (577 cans) of soda a year.  That means that we are consuming over 50 pounds of sugar a year, which in turn produces about 25 pounds of weight gain each year.  Soft drinks are a big part of our lives & our diets, so lets embrace them & learn about science from them.  In this program, Professor Steve uses full cans, empty cans, & the liquid contained within the cans, to learn about air pressure, our health, burping, buoyancy & reactions.  Drink in amazing demonstrations such as the "Incredible Can Crush" & the Magnificent "Mentos Fountain".  Cheers!

Professor Steve's Super Sonic Sound Show

glass shatter

Our sense of hearing is one of the most important senses we possess.  We rely on our ears every moment of every day to help keep us safe, for communicating with others & for the enjoyment of things like music, movies & television.  But our sense of hearing is also the most delicate of all the senses.  We can do irreparable harm to our ears if we aren’t careful (watch those iPod volume settings!).  In this program, Professor Steve establishes the fact that "sound = vibration" (both at the point of origin & then in our heads), then proceeds to cause a multitude of things to vibrate & bring forth sound.  Put your fingers in your ears as we fill the air with sounds from vibrating glasses, metal rods, guitar strings, steel pipes, etc., & then push sound to the max as we shatter a wine glass.  You heard me!

Professor Steve's Reasons to Say No Show

smoking download.gif (11747 bytes)

Our bodies are amazing things!  Treat them right & put good things into them, they work like finely tuned machines.  Mistreat them & put garbage into them, they begin to break down.  In this program, Professor Steve explores the world of biology & demonstrates what things like smoking, drinking, drugs & junk food do to our bodies.  Your kids will not just hear about the dangers & effects of harmful substances--they will actually see the gross results.

Professor Steve's Flight & Space Show

flying saucer

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy presented his dream before a joint session of Congress: we would send a man to the moon by the end of the decade.  That dream became a reality on July 20, 1969, when astronaut Neil Armstrong made his "giant leap for mankind.

President Kennedy dreamed big, but so did many others before him.  In this program, Professor Steve will deal with some of those who dreamed about flying like the birds & laid the groundwork needed to make space travel a reality.  We will explore the inventions of DaVinci, the machines of the Wright Brothers & what it takes to actually leave the ground.  Plus, we will witness poor Mr. Marshmallow as he expands to twice his size in the hazardous vacuum chamber.

Science Day with Professor Steve

Looking for science education on a large scale?  Professor Steve can be yours for the entire day, making it possible to combine convocations, small group activities & classroom visitations all on the same visit.  A great way to get a lot of professor Steve at a price you can afford.

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